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Snorters available here at unbeatable prices! 

The metal snuff snorter is definitely the best powder storage devices and delivery method. The metal snuff snorters are are employed just like a straw to hoover up a line or pool of snuff.

 Metal Snuff snorter 3pc snuffer

With the metal snuff snorter helps the snuff go straight into the system and give you a greater strong effect. The metal snuff manufacturer can store close to three grams of snuff. It truly is discrete and simple to work with.

 Metal Snuff snorter 3pc snuffer

Metal Snuff Snorter Attributes

How to use the Metal Snuff Snorter

The holding chamber unscrews letting you to load the metal snuff with all your beloved snuff. The control device at the other end turns, maintaining a uniform dose each and every time so that none of your goods is spare.

 Metal Snuff snorter 3pc snufferBelow are a few detailed recommendations to use metal snuff snorter:

Metal Snuff Snorter Measurements:

MetalSnuffManufacturer.com is selling the snuffers at lowest possible price. For every snuff snorter you buy, you will get one free. The metal snuff manufacturer is available in five colors: black, silver, red, blue and green.

Metal Snuff Snorter online shopping

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Our goal is to provide the best products at lowest possible price. See more about MetalSnuffManufacturer.com

The metal snuff snorter manufacturer can be purchase by simply filling the order form, using your credit card. Your information is secure (Secure Sockets Layer) and will not be disclosed or sold to any third party. Our secure server enctypts all personal information, including your name, address and credit-card information so that it cannot be read as it is transmitted over the Internet.

For wholesale and retail inquiries, please contact us at:

24 Hour Customer Service: 1.800.515.5035
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We will safely package your item, and offer additional discrete payment and local Pick Up options (Los Angeles Area) for you. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy our product!

DISCRETE BILLING - We do not disclose any private information and package our items discretely and safely for your privacy.

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